Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape

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  • Rechargable
  • 1600 Puffs
  • Flavors Available
  • Ships from Miami, FL
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  • Nicotine concentrations 5%
  • Capacity 6ml e-liquid
  • Battery capacity 850mAh

The Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape is a refreshing and convenient vaping device designed for adult vapers who appreciate the sweet and icy taste of grape with the ease of a disposable device. With its sleek design, user-friendly operation, and high-quality flavor, this disposable vape offers a delightful vaping experience.

Key Features:

  1. Icy Grape Flavor: The Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape provides a burst of grape flavor that's both sweet and refreshing, with a hint of menthol for a cooling sensation.

  2. Large E-Liquid Capacity: This disposable vape is pre-filled with a generous amount of e-liquid, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite flavor for an extended period before needing a replacement.

  3. User-Friendly Design: The device is draw-activated, eliminating the need for buttons or complex settings. Simply take a puff, and the device will activate, delivering a smooth and consistent vapor.

  4. Compact and Portable: With its slim and lightweight design, the Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape is incredibly portable and ideal for on-the-go vaping. Slip it into your pocket, purse, or small bag with ease.

  5. High Nicotine Strength: This disposable vape boasts a nicotine strength suitable for adult vapers and former smokers who crave a satisfying nicotine hit.

  6. Long-Lasting Performance: The Squid 1.6K disposable vape is designed to provide an impressive number of puffs, allowing you to enjoy your grapey ice flavor for an extended time.

  7. No Maintenance: Say goodbye to the hassles of cleaning, refilling, or replacing coils. The Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape is a convenient, disposable device designed for simplicity.

  8. Battery Status Indicator: An LED indicator is integrated to provide real-time information about the battery's status, ensuring you're aware of when it's time for a new device.

  9. Individually Sealed: Each Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape is individually sealed to maintain freshness and hygiene, guaranteeing consistent flavor and quality.

  10. Disposable and Eco-Friendly: After enjoying your vaping experience, responsibly dispose of the Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape according to local recycling guidelines.

Experience the delightful blend of grape sweetness and menthol freshness with the Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape. Whether you're a fan of fruity flavors or enjoy the icy sensation of menthol, this disposable vape combines both elements into a convenient and satisfying package. Enjoy the convenience and flavor of vaping without any of the complexities with the Squid 1.6K Grapey Ice Disposable Vape.

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Disposable Vape
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