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Lost Mary is a new disposable vaporizer brand that is receiving a lot of attention. The distinctive tastes, silky vapor, and lengthy battery life of these vapes have made them a hit among consumers.


Lost Mary vapes are disposable vaporizers with a few unique features. For one, they have many unique tastes that aren't available from other companies. 


Second, Lost Mary vapes have great flavor and vapor. They achieve this by mixing nicotine salts with vegetable glycerin at high concentrations.


Lost Mary vapes' long battery life is its third unique feature. Each disposable vape has 600 puffs compared to others.


Unique flavors: Flavors that you won't find in other vape companies are abundant in Lost Mary vapes. Cotton Candy Ice, Pink Lemonade, and Watermelon Ice are just a few of their most well-liked flavors.


Smooth vapor: Lost Mary vapes offer tasty, silky vapor. To do this, they combine nicotine salts with vegetable glycerin in a high concentration.


Long-lasting battery life: The battery life of a single Lost Mary vape is longer than that of other disposable vapes, at around 600 puffs.


Portable and discreet: Due to their compact size and light weight, Lost Mary vapes can be discreetly carried anywhere. Vaping them in public won't attract too much attention because of how covert they are.


Easy to use: The Lost Mary vapes are simple to operate. There is no need to fiddle with any settings or buttons. To begin vaping, take the vape out of its package.



Nicotine Strength: The nicotine strength of Lost Mary vapes is 50mg/mL. This careful choice makes sure that every inhale has the right amount of pleasure and smoothness for both experienced vapers and people who have never tried vaping before.


Powerful Battery Capacity: With a 500mAh battery capacity, Lost Mary vapes set a new standard for how long they last. This powerful power source lets you vape for longer, giving you the freedom to try out new tastes, make mesmerizing clouds, and relax without interruption.


Plenty of E-Liquid Capacity: Lost Mary vapes have a 2ml e-liquid capacity, which is a sign of ease and luxury. Say goodbye to refilling all the time and enjoy a continuous vaping experience that lets you enjoy your favorite tastes without stopping.


Long-Lasting Puffs: Each Lost Mary vape gives you an incredible 600 puffs. Imagine all the places these puffs could take you. From quiet times to creative bursts, each puff is the essence of satisfaction and adventure.



  • Lost Mary vapes are made with high-quality materials and construction, so they can withstand everyday use.
  • Lost Mary vapes are a great value for the price. They offer a variety of features and benefits at an affordable price for most people.
  • Lost Mary vapes are a great choice for vapers who are looking for a discreet and portable vaping option.
  • Lost Mary vapes are a great choice for vapers who are new to vaping. They are easy to use and come in a variety of flavors to choose from.
Lost Mary Vapes - Available at Buitrago Vape Shop

Lost Mary Vapes

Available at Buitrago Vape Shop

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